4th AMU transnational meeting, 27. – 29. May 2019, Lodz, Poland


Venue: OPUS Centre, Narutowicza str. No. 8/10, Main Conference Room, 1st. floor - right

Monday, 27 May 2019

Arrival of participants

Welcome by Grazyna Busse and Mariol Bertram

Common dinner in Chlopska Izba Restaurant, Piotrkowska str. 65

Tuesday, 28 May, 09.00 – 15.00

Presentation of findings of Intellectual Output O3 by Oliver Šimko.

Final version of supporting learning texts of each module (Intellectual Output 3) in national languages will be uploaded to Dropbox before piloting and will be a part of learning zone.

Presentation by Katrin Pruller

Wednesday, 29. May

Agreement on e-learning:

Oliver will prepare table for translation till 29 May, add links to piloting document provided by IL3 till June 12

Each partner: feedback on elearning / till June 12

Modules instead of courses

short video / what is AgeManagement about / what it means to us

Piloting: IL3: in June 17-18 / Hipo: in June 18-19

Presentations template in English / each partner for its module / provided by Oliver till June 12

Each partner for his modules / Case studies / exercises / to create piloting as interactive as possible:

1. Dom pracovnej schopnosti / WAI house (AIVD CR)

2. Personal skills audit

3. Audit of AM Pillars in your organization

Partners will upload to Dropbox photos from meetings

Klaudius will provide acces to AMU FB

Financial and administrative issues

Dissemination and Sustainability


Vita needle / video on youtube

Invite prof. Ilmarineen to final conference

List of invited foreign participants / multiplier event (24.oct 2019 Bratislava)